Infinite Enters Closed Beta, Reveals Spells, Gameplay & Heroes

Developer XD Inc. has announced the upcoming Torchlight: Infinite will be entering its first closed beta phase beginning this January, giving select fans a chance to experience the multiplatform action-RPG adventure firsthand. Driving excitement for the beta, a number of Torchlight: Infinite trailers have revealed some of the characters, environments, spells, and lore that players will encounter throughout their new journey through the sacred lands of Leptis.

Coming to PC and mobile devices, Torchlight: Infinite was first announced in 2020, marking a long-awaited return to the beloved Torchlight series. Infinite takes place some 200 years after the events of 2012's Torchlight 2, serving as a sequel to the fan-favorite release. Players will find themselves in the Era of Ember Tech, faced with the challenge of stopping the Ember Blight, Aember, which threatens to corrupt Leptis. Fans will be able to customize their play experience with different heroes and skill trees available, allowing fans to embark on an epic quest that best suits their playstyle.

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Select iOS and Android players will soon be able to test out the latest entry in the Torchlight series when Infinite's first closed beta phase begins. Those who sign up for closed beta access via the official Torchlight: Infinite website have the chance to be selected, with lucky applicants receiving access from January 18. The beta will include four playable heroes and 24 talent trees, offering over 180 skills for users to build and fine-tune their perfect hero as they progress through the game. Beta players will also be able to unlock all heroes, skills, items, and maps for free, and take part in randomized encounters, dungeons, and loot drops. Select players in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will receive an invite with instructions to access the beta when it goes live.

A series of new Torchlight: Infinite trailers have teased some of the combat, heroes, and spells players can expect to see throughout the beta and beyond.

Introduced in the first character spotlight video is the last remaining Embermage, Youga, a projectile user with elemental spells including the frosty Cone of Cold, and the devastating Thunder Overload.

Next is dual elemental Sorceress Gemma, who uses ranged attacks such as Fire Shot, but is also a threat with her melee attack, Icy Blade.

Specializing in ranged attacks is Carino, who can battle with a bow and arrow move known as Erodent Throw, and can even use ranged bombs with Bombard.

Torchlight fans haven't yet got their hands on Torchlight: Infinite, but with a focus on customizable heroes with various skill trees and movesets to build users' perfect unstoppable attacker, it seems as though any playstyle could be catered to. While the game's first closed beta will be mobile-only, PC players will also be able to access the free-to-play title at launch, with the full game available and optional purchases being cosmetic and non-essential items only. Users keen to be in with a chance of playing Torchlight: Infinite on mobile ahead of its release can sign up for the closed beta now, and keep on top of updates via the game's official Discord.

Sign up for the Torchlight: Infinite closed beta:

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