The Batman's Batsuit Is Already The Best Live-Action Version

First revealed in early 2020, Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit from Matt Reeves’ The Batman may be the best of the live-action Batsuits designed for the big screen. Although Robert Pattinson’s casting raised some initial concerns, every trailer and publicity photo released of his Batman has raised audience members’ confidence in the newest movie to feature the Caped Crusader. Appearing cobbled together from various materials, this Batsuit has an appealing design and also communicates this Batman’s underdog status.

Batman’s Batsuit as worn by Robert Pattinson explores new design elements which have not been examined in live-action or on the big screen yet. Animation and comic book art often showcase the Batsuit’s design elements in terms of silhouettes and shapes, which the Batsuits worn by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney emulated. The Batman features interesting new textural elements which have not been featured on film yet, and promise to help ground Pattinson’s Batman in the gritty crime thriller aesthetic the movie appears to be pursuing.

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Where recent Batsuits worn by Christian Bale and Ben Affleck have highlighted Bruce Wayne’s ability to funnel endless resources into creating the most powerful armor, Pattinson’s highlights his Batman’s scrappy newcomer status. Audiences already know that Pattinson’s Batman will be a newly established crimefighter, still only in the second year of his tenure as the Dark Knight. The ability of the Batsuit to communicate this by featuring rough design elements may make it the best live-action depiction of the iconic Batsuit so far.

Although Bruce Wayne’s wealth and ingenuity have been key to many Batman stories, this Batsuit reflects his limited abilities in the best way possible. Ben Affleck wore a great recreation of the Batsuit from The Dark Knight Returns in Batman V Superman which made his Batman nigh-invulnerable and allowed him to go toe-to-toe with Superman. While this Batsuit proved effective for a beleaguered Batman with years of fighting crime behind him, it lowered the stakes when seeing him fight street-level criminals with the aid of bullets. Although Pattinson’s Batsuit appears to be bulletproof, trailers that show him fighting gangs of baddies have depicted him as a combatant with inventive techniques and resourceful armor, not an untouchable god.

The Batman’s Batsuit features unique design choices like a bat symbol made from pieces of a gun, that make it less glossy than other versions. Christian Bale’s Batsuit was sleek, and scenes were devoted to showing its construction. But the inclusion of Wayne Industry’s financing and research to develop gadgets kept his Batman from feeling like an underdog. Pattinson’s slim physique and cobbled-together Batsuit show him to be more of a scrappy underdog than his predecessors. As attractive as the design is, it is less sleek than previous versions and helps to ground this Batman in his own crime-infested Gotham.

In addition to featuring new and interesting design choices, what has made Pattinson’s Batsuit so exciting is how thematically suited it is to the world of The Batman. By grounding Batman’s unending crusade in a cinematic world clearly influenced by David Fincher’s crime thrillers Seven and Zodiac, the movie has resulted in multiple unique design choices, like Paul Dano’s new Riddler costume. Without being heavily tied to any preexisting continuity like Affleck’s Batman, Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves have crafted a truly unique Batsuit that promises to be the best live-action version audiences have seen.

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