Tim Allen Returning For Santa Clause Disney+ Sequel Show

Tim Allen is returning to the North Pole, as he'll star in a The Santa Clause sequel series on Disney+. The possibilities of Disney's streaming service have opened up new doors for the Mouse House to continue, reinvent, or expand existing franchises. While Marvel and Star Wars get most of the attention, Disney+ has been responsible for bringing back the Mighty Ducks franchise already. There are also plans for Willow, The Rocketeer, and Real Steel to be revived on the streaming service, but Disney has other ambitions that will now continue the Santa Clause franchise.

Released in 1994, The Santa Clause starred Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, a businessman who becomes the new Santa Clause when the existing one dies falling off his roof. The Christmas movie was a huge hit, as it earned nearly $200 million for Disney at the box office and launched a franchise. Allen returned for The Santa Clause 2 in 2002 and again in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause in 2006. However, the sequels became less successful and received a worse reception with each installment, leading Disney to end the franchise as a trilogy.

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It has now been revealed that Allen's days of playing Santa Clause are not yet over. Disney announced today that he's returning to star in a The Santa Clause Disney+ series that continues the events of the original trilogy. The series - tentatively titled The Santa Clause - comes from Jack Burditt, the creator of Allen's recent hit series Last Man Standing. Production is expected to begin in March 2022 in Los Angeles and follow Scott Calvin as he tries to find the next Santa Clause. No release date for The Santa Clause Disney+ show has been announced.

The story of The Santa Clause sequel show is based around Scott Calvin's 65th birthday. He realizes that he can't stay Santa forever due to his age and his family. The latter is a driving force behind Scott's decision to seek out a suitable Santa replacement, as his family, which includes two kids, has spent the majority of their time together in the North Pole. Allen will now return to one of his biggest roles 16 years after to lead the series and potentially find Disney's next Santa Clause.

Fans of the successful Christmas movies will surely be excited to see Allen play Santa Clause one more time. He likely won't be the only cast member from the original Santa Clause movies to return, as Elizabeth Mitchell's Carol Calvin has to be coming back based on the story. It is also possible that Eric Lloyd and Liliana Mumy will return as Scott's children Charlie and Lucy, although they are not the two children referenced in the plot description. In any case, more details on The Santa Clause Disney+ show should come soon with filming beginning in just a few weeks. If production doesn't take too long, there's even a chance it could start streaming for the 2022 holiday season.

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