How To Add Music Tracks To Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is good at managing audio playback, and tracks can also be stored directly on the smartwatch. This is not new to Samsung watches considering the previous generations have also been able to store audio tracks thanks to a decent amount of available storage. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes with 8GB and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes with 4GB. Both smartwatches have a dedicated Music app that can be used to access stored tracks.

Samsung is using the new Wear OS 3 smartwatch platform with the Galaxy Watch 4. Wear OS 3 is designed to deliver better performance than the older Tizen OS found on Samsung's previous smartwatches, and will become available for more smartwatches in the future. The new operating system improves the Samsung smartwatch experience in many ways, including usability and longevity.

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Adding tracks to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a fairly easy process. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on a smartphone and tap on Watch Settings. In the menu, tap on Manage Content and then on Add tracks. From here, select all the tracks that are to be added to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and then tap on Done. The Galaxy Wearable app will then add the selected tracks to the smartwatch. As the tracks are added, users will see a confirmation prompt on the screen. Since the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes with 16GB of internal storage, users can add quite a lot of tracks or music albums to their smartwatch and listen to them while on the go.

Store Tracks And Listen At Any Time

Once all the tracks are added, users can find and play them from the Music app on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Located in the main menu of the smartwatch, the Music app includes a Tracks section where all the songs available on the watch are kept. To play one, just tap on the name of the song. As the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can also be connected to wireless headphones or earphones, users can direct their music to another audio device while managing the playback from the smartwatch. The Music app provides on-screen controls for playing/pausing, next/previous track, and adjusting the volume.

Deleting songs from the Galaxy Watch 4 requires users to head back to the Music app, and then tap (and hold) on a track to select it. An option to Delete the song will then be visible on the screen. As this smartwatch is only compatible with Android smartphones, iPhone users won't be able to take advantage of adding music if using a Galaxy Watch 4. For Android users, however, they can store their favorite music tracks directly on their Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and listen to them at any time.

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